Today we have the return to action of a timeless champion.
I have to be honest I didn’t recognise him and I had to ask coach Ferdinando Loffreda who rightly made fun of me.
I couldn’t recognise him even after zooming in the picture because he truly looks 20 years younger.
I want the same vitamins he takes.
The famous vitamin sea!
Jason is known for 2 things.
He never goes below 10 feet hawaiian and always complains that conditions are not up to par. In this, he resembles closely Roman surfers, who, however, have slightly more reasons to complain 😁.

It was Ferdinando himself who shook him off his armchair, promising him that between him and the Schettewi team – there are 3 Schettewis brothers, Max 18, Jake 17 and Zach or simply Z 14 – they would have guaranteed him some good waves. In return, he promised not to complain.
It seems to have all worked well, because now Ladies and Gents I leave you to the attention of His Royal Highness Jason Polakow, exploiting to the fullest his own backyard.
An infinite talent. Photo by Jimmie Hepp obviously.
PS: no I say Jason could have been missing from the 👑 repertoire of iSurf’s favorite athletes? 😉

Jason on iSurfwear
Jason proudly displaying his limited edition t-shirt
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Jason on Red Bull Site
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