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iSurf Site Info

iSurf’s site info. This website is the story of a passion, the passion for windsurfing.

It started out as a way to share session pictures online and eventually aggregated a windsurfing team around it to represent it. 
This were the early days of Google, when display ads were still worth something. The attempts to monetise content and cover costs by selling advertising banners went mostly unfulfilled. We decided to offered the banners for free to no-profits, as a better alternative to become a satellite to google gigantic and all consuming ads platform.

iSurf’s History

Eventually Facebook appeared. They offered all the nice sharing features we could only dream to develop and offer. The logical choice was to migrate the site onto FB, turning into a page.
Unfortunately FB also attempts to sell you back your own audience and capture all the value created by small content providers, such as iSurf, making it impossible even to cover the costs.
When Instagram became a thing, a rather successful Instagram profile was also created, mostly out of the passion for filtering and distributing images.
It now has become clear that the only way to create some value out of this initiative is to drive whatever little traffic can be created off the socials back on to the site. Socials are just feed channels.

What you can do to show appreciation

This is the only way for small content provider to survive.
If you love action sports and appreciate iSurf a good way to show gratitude is to buy off its shop. We partnered with a great merchandiser.
Aloha and good sailing, surfing, skiing, diving or whatever other good reason brings you back in contact with nature and out of your busy daily life.

Find your Line and always Enjoy your Ride

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