Andrea back in Haakgat. Andrea is widely recognised as Italy windsurfing top talent.
His style is flowless.
His experience in South Africa is unmatched.
Graham Ezzy in interview told me that he relied on Andrea for the right locations to sail while in SA.
Andrea is not just a great sailor.
He’s a very smart and structured guy. A missed engineer actually.
And a viveur. He likes to enjoy life.
This is why Maui was never his place. Too much to sacrifice on the altar of windsurfing. On the other hand, over here, in SA, he’s got it all.
Enough talking.
Let’s leave it to the images.
Andrea on a Quatro Cube 86 LS – Luca Salvatore .. a nay .. Levi Siver sorry.
His boards have yet to arrive in Cape Town, so he will have to borrow around for a few days.

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