The competition

Progress in the online competition for the most engaging interview realeased on isurf channels by a windsurfer or windsurfing personality

The way engagement is counted:
IG impressions, IGTV plays, IG likes, YouTube Plays > TotalRankings

Split by channel
IG Likes
You Tube Views

the Podium

At the moment the Podium, with the new entry Josh Angulo knocking off Robby Naish from second place:

1 – Federico Morisio: 1447
2 – Josh Angulo: 1370
3 – Jason Polakow: 1357
4 – Robby Naish: 1339

Total is very skewed on Instagram: impression and views are somehow double counting as they are related. But I wanted to value the click-through behaviour so I added them both. In this dimension Federico in English is the winner

1 – Robby Naish: 47
2 – Jason Polakow: 42
3 – Federico Morisio: 38
4 – Josh Angulo: 38

IG likes already show a different story. Robby and Jason here still win the hearts.

YouTube Views
1 – Jason Polakow: 109
2 – Robby Naish: 86
3 – Levi Siver 2: 34
4 – Kai Lenny: 34

The different story becomes more obvious on YouTube that relies mostly on organic traffic as I have not yet grown a large proprietary iSurf costomer base there – only 26 subscribers so far. Jason is the most visually appealing athlete and Robby number 2. Then Levi and fourth.

It takes a couple of days to stabilise IG results: the later posts will show up in the rankings slowly.YouTube can grow forever and we’ll have to give it at least a week since last post to stabilise.Interviews are posted on iSurf YouTube and IGTV channels and reposted to
Of course it helps Federico’s placement that isurf has an .it extension. But Federico is also very active on social media, and that helps a lot too.

The Prize!

The race is open!

The Aloha Classic 2016
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