Winter 2009 in Fuerte. Today a few videos from a winter spent in Fuerteventura
First of all we have some fun at the expense of this unkown poor surfer!

Paperissima – surfing version

We then move to Flag Beach, one of the 2 days of wind I got in that month. I was shooting to go to Cabo Verde, but my wife felt unsafe there so we opted for the Canaries which can be good in winter, but only if you get lucky. I didn’t.
The one very good day, this one, Puertito was on – the beautiful outside reef at the NW far end of the island, upwind Cotillo. But they wouldn’t let me take my rental kit there.

Finally we have the fun tale – Italian – of a month spent on Furteventura with a week trip for new year to Lanzarote and a very young family enjoying its time there.

Furteventura and Lanzarote winter surfari

Mauritius Lagoon

Last but not least a Mautitius flyby in the lagoon by Paolo Mazzoni, later that year in summer, winter for MRU.

MRU Transparencies
November Shop window

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