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La neve è finita, andate in pace

Neve senza neve

Peccato. Più che altro perché al di la degli indubitabili cambiamenti climatici – la temperatura si è alzata di fatto peggio che nei peggiori scenari predittivi – finora in Appennino c’era andata bene. Anzi paradossalmente quasi meglio. Quasi. Quest’anno per esempio è mancata la botta di tramontana da 3gg e 0 gradi a Roma.
Vabbè ci si può rifare con il surf noAspetta un attimo.
Le stesse perturbazioni che portano la neve portano anche vento e onde. E allora? E allora maui no ka oi. Dove però ha fatto miglior inverno degli ultimi 20 anni, quindi la primavera è a forte rischio de cippa.
A Maui, daje, aridacce vento e onde.. read more

Shop for iSurf merchandise

We just launched an online shop for iSurf branded merchandise.
It’s a great way to stay connected to the brand and its initiatives.
We are enjoying free shipping for 5 more days (until february 2nd) and a 30% launch discount.
If this was not enough to get you started, the first 5 transactions will receive two stickers by mail.
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And the swell came, and the swell went ..

The nicest shot I got on the day

And so the mythical and long sought after swell came and .. went .. and was a bit of a disappointment to me.
You would have expected – having been surfing and windsurfing and in one more day kiting for five weeks – that I would be the fittest and readiest windsurfer in town. I know this place.
I cannot say I command Ho’okipa after a total of over 12 months of sailing here spread over 20 years – my first time here was in 1999 – but man I do know this place, his tricks and pitfalls.
And I have been on the water in Ho’okipa almost every day for five weeks, so being fit and training are definitely not an issue.
My session on the 19th of April alas was a total disaster.
I’ve had three separate sessions, with in between the second and the third a long shooting session whose results are captured in albums.
Take away from the day number one, especially when it’s hyper busy. read more

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