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Maui November 21 2016

Maui November 21 2016. In celebration of my four years since the longest stint I had on Maui for the winter of 2016 here a few videos.

Always with the objective to yielding as little value as possible to Facebook a digitally very incorrect platform, this morning the videos put them directly into a blog post.


There are several delights:

The cover first, my surf car that now belongs to Colin John Baker

A video from Jaws’ pass, to open your day well.
In fact, today the north wind in Rome are howling!

The entrance with the timing of the waves and the synchronized necessary dive at Honolua Bay. The first time I lost my favorite lycra there, which in the emotion of the moment I had attached to my waist.

A new interview by Federico Morisio while preparing the strategy for the Aloha Classic

Especially for our supper in the editorial team Paolo Cabrina a leg of the Sup long distance race in front Hookipa, this time dribbling the internal buoy and the making it out through mountains of water.

Finally two top hits.

The tutorial with your favorite ocean windsurfing instructor Ferdinando Loffreda on how to survive a crash in front of the rocks.

And finally what happens when you don’t survive it and you end up on the rocks. Intervention by lifeguards to recover an unlucky windsurfer.


Jwas from the Pass during the WSL BigWave Peahi Challenge 2016
Spot access in Honolua
Sup race on Hookipa
Federico Morisio inteview pre Aloha Classic 2016
Hookipa tutorial on how to make it past the point
What happens when things go wrong in Hookipa

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The essence of surfing

What is the essence of surfing? What is so special about it? The fact that you live to the rhythm of the ocean. Thus you live in sync with the rhythm of nature. Therefore you come in sync with the universe, making sense that we little creatures are nothing else than a part of the whole we call the cosmos. Biocentrism and surfing have a lot in common.

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