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What is so special about surfing? The fact that you live to the rithm of the ocean. Thus nature. Thus you come in sync with the universe, making sense that us little creatures are nothing else that a part of the whole we call the cosmos.

The most famous windsurfing image ever

This image is pure marketing genius, and I suspect it might be the depicted brand’s idea. It exemplifies the relationship we surfers have with the activity of surfing. We strive to surf, we become addicts and having a good session releases an amoun tof serotonins comparable to another, much more widely practiced activity. Nah yah. We also tend to fall to blue periods if we go still and windless for several weeks. Reminds you of anything else you might be aware of?

Who hasn’t dreamed this wave? Let me show you what it looks like. From the sky!


In occasione del suo quasi ventennale, iSurf si offre una sessione dall’estetista. Be patient, it’s coming

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